Your child can celebrate their birthday milestone with a party at KP Dance Center!

Our themed parties are designed for groups of children to celebrate through dancing and play.

Our experienced and engaged staff will lead your party through a 90-minute party including dancing, games, and fun!

Standard Party


90 minutes

Invite 15 friends, plus the birthday person.

2 Rooms rentals

DJ party lights

Food: Pizza, cake, juice & water

All decorations and supplies

90 Minutes of dancing, games, & entertainment

FAQ's and Party Information

Participant Count: The guest of honor will not be factored into the guest tally. We do not offer prorated pricing for smaller guest numbers. If your guest count exceeds 15, an additional fee of $15/ per participant will incur.

External Food, Decorations, & Additions: KP Dance offers parent pizzas as an option at an additional fee for parents. If you wish to bring extra food and decorations that is fine as well, just let us know so we can set up an additional table for you. You may bring in additional decorations as well. Also be aware that confetti and glitter are not allowed. If you are bringing in additional items / personalized items, please drop them off at the studio on the Thursday prior to the party.

Parental Presence: With the exception of the host parents or family members, adults are encouraged to hang out in the lobby and watch from the TV’s. All children attending a party must have a signed waiver to participate. We will email you one that you can forward to the party guests. Parents of children who are not yet fully potty trained should remain on-site throughout the party, as our staff is not equipped to assist with diaper changes or restroom accidents.

Dress Code: It is essential for participants to wear comfortable and appropriate attire that allows for ease of movement. While dance attire can enhance the party theme, it is not mandatory. We encourage the use of sneakers. Participants without suitable footwear should dance bare foot (socks are not allowed for safety reasons, as they can cause slippage).


Parties are available on certain Saturdays or Sundays


I have 3 kids (13, 6 & 4) going to classes here & they have been amazing. My 6 year old son who is very shy & has sensory issues is dancing around my house everyday now. The improvement in his social skills & dance moves is very impressive especially in only 2 months

Thomas M.

This is our 3rd year with KP Dance Center We love the staff and atmosphere. Everyone is friendly and makes dance fun! We wouldn't think of going anywhere else!

Kristin W.

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